Beyond Healing

We all born to this world as Individual (unique) Manifestation of Love. We have our own love signature. This implies that we have a unique way to express the creation itself. We own a distinctive combination of “ingredients” to serve self and whole. We often call it “a meaning of life”, a state of being in which we feel complete exhilaration of life, fully connected with the “rightness” within. Usually, from this state, our life flows gracefully, our vision is clear, decisions are instantaneous and come from inner wisdom effortlessly, body feels healthy and the level of vitality is high. We experience unity within and live moved by the embodied purpose. I call this state “creative bliss or bliss of the creator.”

This requires accepting and recognizing oneself as a genius (creator).

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” A. Einstein

Unfortunately, as kids we often get discouraged (mostly unintentionally, I believe) in our inner knowledge and intuition, treated as if our opinion doesn’t matter or doesn’t have the same weight as an adult’s. Somehow, parenting viewed as an institution of control and obedience in which love has a distorted view. Since kid’s survival largely depends on parents, kids are intuitively learning the ways to seek parent’s attention and to figure out how they need to be (and act) in order to receive parent’s approval, love and nourishment. Kids adapt. Often it requires tuning down what feels like deep inner knowledge about themselves, the sense of “rightness”. Kids alter their view of themselves. And so the story begins. A little by little adaptation happens and more alteration to outside world is required by parents, school, society, etc. There are no schools that teach kids how to access their inner wisdom, respect it and act out of this place. Rarely do we teach our kids that they are capable and geniuses in what they want to do, that deeply in the heart they own the knowledge of their life, and we parents are there to support them on the journey, and to journey together as fellow students… to teach and learn from each other at the same time.

Sooner or later, however, the adaptation fails and we hit so called “life crises”. Life crises usually have some health issues as well (that could be from minor to severe), and behavioral issue.

What’s happening is an awakening, the discomfort is actually a remembrance of your inner calling. So, the issue that initially brings client to the coach (therapist, doctor) becomes the point from which the spiral of healing (self-recognition) begins. So, the solution and the issue spring from the same place.

In a way it doesn’t matter, what issue the individual is struggling with, the underlining answer is always the same: fragmentation, disconnection from oneself. And the issue is always a perfect light post on how to access the inner wisdom. The issue is a solution as well.

I want to explain why I speak about the process of “healing” as a process of self-recognition. We hold wholeness within us, and what we need to do is to recognize ourselves. If we, for example, would not recognize a skillet as a tool to cook, we would not utilize it.

In the same way if we don’t recognize ourselves as creators we don’t utilize ourselves to create our life and rather accept the standard opinion of being “broken” and therefore, searching for healing. This puts us in the position of being victims rather than equal participants with life. The victim place is very seductive because it is familiar. Familiar is often feels safe and convenient, and goes unrecognized. We simply don’t notice the dance we do that produces certain results in our life. We fail to see the subtle moves we do to orchestrate the whole game. I believe we don’t see them because they are so “close to the skin”, and often, there is no other point of reference.

Recognition is a process of identification of something as having been previously seen, heard, known, etc. It is the act of the acknowledgment of something as valid or as allowed to consideration.

When we choose to recognize ourselves (the wholeness and light that we are) the state of health and life changes dramatically. All the disowned parts of us join in revealing the initial creation.

When we actually see ourselves, we can’t treat ourselves (or anybody else) with anything less than reverence.

This is the moment when person actually meets himself. You are the only person you truly want to meet and to be met by. The person whose approval you are seeking is you. The journey for healing ends in recognizing yourself and from that moment joy fountains unobstructed, creating the life experience in which you are a full out participant. Live beyond healing is a life of wholeness. You experience the bliss of the creator (creative bliss).

What do you use to disconnect yourself from yourself and

Where do you go to find answers?