About Yelena Joy, MD

Practicing Pediatrics and Medical Psychology for 15 years brought me to two life-changing realizations:

  • First, I saw that most issues could be re-solved without medicine. That led me to retire from practicing traditional medicine.
  • My second realization was how much of our well-being comes from our ability to face into what is beyond the symptoms, take 100% responsibility and authentic actions.
  • In collaboration with my clients, I create space in which rapid transformation occurs naturally.

Using an integrated Mind-Body-Spirit approach and a variety of body-centered methods, I invite you to step into your full magnificence and re-create your body, relationship, or organization.

I am interested in working with clients who are both seeking to realize who they really are and willing to radically reinvent them-selves according to what they find.

As a vitality coach I, combine knowledge in medicine, psychology and energy healing to catalyze transformation that bring forth rapid growth and empowerment . From the place of connection with your inner wisdom, divine change occurs. The nature of change individual (restored health, “incurable” transforms to health, relation-ships ..etc.)